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Female Student Spread nCoV to Over 70 People

22-year-old female student returning from the US infected with asymptomatic nCoV and infected more than 70 people, resulting in the partial closure of Harbin City.

A female surnamed Han from New York, USA, returned to her hometown in Harbin City, capital of Heilongjiang Province, China on March 19 and was required to undergo mandatory isolation at home in Daoli District. On March 31, she had a negative test with nCOV for the first time. 

After 14 days at home, Han received a second negative result and was confirmed by the authorities to be quarantined on April 3. She went out to celebrate with her family two days later and even went to Shanghai on April 5, stayed there for 3 days.
Harbin health officials said that despite the negative test result, Han was actually infected with nCoV but had no symptoms. As a result, she spread the virus to many neighbors, who then continued to infect others. One of them is 87-year-old Mr. Chen, who suffered a stroke and was treated at the two largest hospitals in the city. 

Mr. Chen again created two outbreaks in two hospitals. Some of his relatives and hospital staff were positive for nCoV, although there were no symptoms. The chain spread to more than 70 people, including patients from Inner Mongolia and Liaoning Province. 

Harbin is the capital of Heilongjiang Province, which is facing a new wave of infection from the border with Russia. On April 20, the number of domestic infections in China for the first time exceeded the number of imported cases since March 12, due to the chain of transmission. As of yesterday, Heilongjiang has recorded a total of 543 domestic cases and 385 imported cases, of which 23 were asymptomatic, according to Xinhua.

Harbin has partially blocked the city by banning outsiders from entering residential areas. People traveling must show a medical code proving they are not infected with Covid-19, wear a mask and check their body temperature. 

Those who come from abroad to this city will be subject to mandatory isolation. Crowds, events such as funerals and funerals are prohibited. Residents were required to report to authorities when they found a breach of the quarantine regulations with a reward of 3,000 yuan (420 USD).

(According to SCMP, Heilongjiang Daily )

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