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Ford To Start Production Of Respirator Masks And Other Equipment For Health Care Workers

Ford motor company has just announced that it will start the production of a new type of pressurized respirator face mask for health care workers and this is to start on Tuesday 14th April.  

The mask, which is called a Powered Air-Purifying Respirator, or PAPR, is being developed in a partnership with 3M. 

The mask is a clear mask that fits over the entire face. Air can be drawn in through a tube connected to a pump that filters contaminants from the air. 

In late March, Ford and 3M had announced that they were working on a new mask using spare parts from both companies' products. For instance, the new mask uses a type of fan that is usually used in ventilated car seats. 

There are about 90 paid volunteers, members of the United Auto Workers union, who will assemble the masks at Ford's Vreeland facility near Flat Rock, Michigan. The factory is set to be able to make 100,000 or more masks, according to Ford. The company did not reveal when the number of masks specified would be available.

Ford had also mentioned that it is also working with automotive airbag supplier Joyson safety system to produce a reusable medical gown for health workers. This gowns will be made from materials that are usually used to make airbags.
The company is expected to make have made 75,000 gowns a week by Sunday and scale up to 100,000 gowns for the week by April 19.

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