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Joe Biden Sued For Sexual Assault By His Former Assistant

Washington United States police department has officially opened an investigation of former US Vice President Joe Biden. 

According to a report of "The Washington Examiner" on April 21st, the District Police Department of Columbia is investigating Ms. Tara Reade's allegation of Joe Biden - the presidential candidate since 2020 from the Democratic Party, who had sexually assaulted her in 1993, although the allegation has expired, could not lead to a decision to prosecute.

A Washington Police Department spokesman told "The Washington Examiner" on April 21 that the investigation was ongoing and there were no further details. The department said that cases of sexual assaults before being handled had to be verified many times, and the case was in the process of being investigated.

Ms. Tara Reade declared that in 1993, when she was an assistant in the Senate office of Joe Biden, she was attacked by Mr. Biden. Mr. Biden's campaign team vehemently denied the allegations while Biden himself did not directly comment on the issue.

Mr. Joe Biden, now 77 years old. Before becoming vice president of former President Barack Obama, he was a Senator of the State of Delaware for six consecutive terms from 1973 to 2009.

Ms. Tara Reade, 56, said that for "safety reasons" she issued a risk report, the purpose of which was to create a written record to avoid risk and show her accusations are completely genuine, because if you intentionally make false allegations to the police, it will constitute a crime.

She told "The Washington Examiner" that she has been receiving threatening messages and vulgar messages since she filed a lawsuit against Mr. Biden. She added that because the case has exceeded the effective time of the acceptance, she only hopes the police will record her complaint, not need to conduct an investigation. 

She has no intention of suing Joe Biden in civil court, although Washington's civil court has canceled the effective period for sexual assault.

Ms. Tara Reade also shared that the Washington Police Department assigned her a lawyer who defended the victim and contacted another defense lawyer through an outside nonprofit organization, mainly to out providing assistance for her safety.

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