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Gene Deitch,The Director Of 'Tom & Jerry' Dead

Gene Deitch - director Tom & Jerry has died Prague, Czech at the age of 95.

Gene Deitch - director Tom & Jerry died suddenly on 16/4 in his home in Czech, Petr Himmel - his representative said but did not specify the cause of his death. 

Mr. Gene Deitch has his full name as Eugene Merril Deitch. Director Tom & Jerry was born on August 8, 1924 in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

In 1959, he went to Prague, planning to stay there for 10 days. However, he met and fell in love with his second wife, Zdenka, so decided to stay back.

He directed 13 episodes of favorite cartoons of generations of people around the world, Tom & Jerry and several episodes in the Popeye the Sailor series ..

In 2004, he received the Winsor McCay Award for his lifetime contribution to animation.
His first wife and three sons were artists and writers.

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