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Germany Has Allowed Human Clinical Trials A Vaccine To Prevent Covid-19

This vaccine, developed by German technology company BioNTech, has the potential to prevent Covid-19 acute respiratory infections. This is the first vaccine in Germany and the fourth vaccine in the world is licensed for human testing.

The German Vaccine Administration has announced that in the first phase, the BNT162 vaccine trial will be conducted in 200 healthy people aged 18-55 years old. In phase 2, the trial size will expand to those groups at higher risk.

BioNTech said it is working with pharmaceutical company Pfizer to develop the BNT162 vaccine. These companies plan to start testing the vaccine on humans in the US as soon as the authorities in the country have licensed it.

The Robert Kock Institute of German Infectious Diseases has just announced until April 20, Germany has 1,785 new cases of coronavirus and 194 deaths. The total number of German virus infections is 143,457 cases and the total number of deaths is 4,598.

The World Health Organization on April 21 warned that lifting the blockade - a measure aimed at curbing the spread of corona virus, must take place slowly, and if loosened restrictive measures too early, the virus could can spread back.

Worldwide, more than 2.5 million people have been infected, including more than 800,000 in the United States and 45,000 deaths. The Netherlands reopened to elementary and preschool.

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