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Hospitalized Coronavirus Patients In Wuhan Have Been Discharged - China

Reuters news agency quoted spokesman Mi Feng of the Chinese Health Committee: "By April 26, Wuhan had no Covid-19 patients left due to the joint efforts of Wuhan medical staff and the whole nation."

Up to this point, the city of 11 million people has begun to relax measures to blockade and quarantine in the context of disease control. 

Wuhan was the first region to outbreak of SARS-CoV-2, discovered in late December 2019. Nearly 46,500 infected people have been recorded, accounting for 56% of all cases in China. The number of deaths accounted for 84% of the whole country, with 3,869 patients. 

Wuhan's blockade effort was truly effective, when the measures spread to the entire province of Hubei, home to 60 million people. For 76 days, people were asked to stay indoors, only to go out when buying food or having a really necessary job. On the streets, the main vehicles are just an ambulance or a police patrol car. 

Despite this, the country is facing a second outbreak, when Heilongjiang border province recently received countless "import" cases - when workers fled home across the border, resulting in Covid-19 infections soared again.

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