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How Does Eating Ginger, Lemongrass And Drinking Lots Of Orange Juice Help Prevent COVID-19?

Ginger, lemongrass, oranges, lemons help strengthen the body's resistance, eliminate toxins and bacteria.    

According to M.Sc. Le Thuan Linh, Head of the Regulatory Nutrition Department, Thu Duc District Hospital (Ho Chi Minh City), it strengthens the immune system, enhances the resistance against pathogenic bacteria to humans.

In particular, oranges are fruits that contain lots of fiber, especially vitamin C, which is essential for the body, helps boost the stimulation of white blood cell production, thereby boosting the immune system and helping the body fight disease, 100 g of orange juice contains about 69.7 mg of vitamin C.

In addition, oranges are also a source of vitamin A, B vitamins, calcium, potassium, high magnesium help the immune system function always in the best state.
Ginger is a common plant used as a spice and medicine. The ingredients in ginger essential oil help fight inflammation, boost immunity, are rich in antioxidants, and help in sputum, relieve colds, treat coughs, and stimulate digestion.

Lemons contain mostly vitamin C with lower concentrations than oranges. In addition, lemons also contain a lot of vitamin B1, riboflavin, potassium and magnesium.
Lemongrass works to prevent cancer, colds, detoxify and lose weight. Thanks to the effect of sputum, ventilation and antiseptic, lemongrass is used in many remedies to treat coughs and colds, helping to sweat to treat fevers, typhoons.

According to Dr. Linh, to increase the resistance against COVID-19 , people have smart food choices. In addition to foods rich in vitamin C such as dark green vegetables and fruits, fortified foods rich in vitamin A, vitamin E, and vitamin D.

These vitamins all play an important role in boosting the body's immunity. Also be cautious when consuming raw, undercooked animal foods.

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