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How much do COVID-19 countries charge for treatment?

As the COVID-19 pandemic is ravaging most countries around the world. Governments in other countries have implemented measures to support medical examination and treatment costs for people.

In the United States, the Government initially provided the COVID-19 free testing to residents, while those without health insurance would have to pay the full cost. The amount of medical examination and treatment can be in the tens of thousands of dollars. On April 3, the US Secretary of Health and the Trump administration said the US would provide a free treatment support package for people with COVID-19. 

The cost of treating COVID-19 in Singapore for foreigners is between US $ 4,300-5,800. Citizens and permanent residents with long-term visas will receive free treatment.

In China, everyone receives COVID-19 treatment for free, including those without health insurance. However, people have to pay for testing costs, about 370 yuan (over 52 dollars).

South Korea said the government and its insurance companies would bear all costs of medical examination, isolation and treatment for COVID-19-infected patients. 
Japan also pays all inpatient bills for COVID-19 patients.

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