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How To Sleep Properly And Restore Vitality

Why do you sleep 7-8 hours at night and still feel sluggish? Perhaps you need to review your sleep. If every day you cannot go to bed before 11pm – 1am, the experienced doctors will say, "No cure for you".

In fact, it's not like you don't want to cure it, it's impossible to cure it. People who regularly stay up all night, whether male or female, directly damage the liver. Over time, this will lead to kidney damage, gradual loss of blood. If you look in the mirror every day, you will notice that your skin will gradually deteriorate. At this point, even if you focus on eating nutritious foods or exercising daily, you will not be able to recover the damage and damage caused by sleep deprivation or poor sleep.

There are also people who think that sleeping late at night can make up for it during the day. But that doesn't really work, either you won't be able to sleep or your sleep will not be as expected. Even if you feel like you've fallen asleep, in fact, your body's blood has been damaged.

The mind sleeps before the body sleeps

Don't think much and feel like a sugar sinking into the water. First melt the big toes, then the other toes, then the feet, lower legs, thighs gradually melt, eventually falling asleep naturally. The old Taoists thought that this was the most ideal state to fall asleep.

There are many times when we lose sleep due to the thoughts of all sorts, then we should not try to lie in bed and sleep, to avoid mental loss as it is harder to fall asleep. It is best to sit up for a while and then lie down to sleep. In fact, with today's modern lifestyle, it is very difficult to sleep before 11 pm with a light mind, it is important to calm down for a while to be effective: "The mind sleeps first, after a couple of days eyes, "that's what morality really is.

Nap at noon or meditate

Noon between 11am and 1 pm, if conditions are limited and you cannot take a nap, then try sitting still for about 15 minutes to close your eyes also helps to relax the spirit. In fact, at noon, you only need to be able to close your eyes to deep sleep for exactly 3 minutes, which is equivalent to sleeping for 2 hours, but it must be about this time.

If you can take a few minutes to meditate or do some qigong movements between 11am and 1pm, it will be really helpful for your body. Meditation and qigong have been shown to help the body rest well, sometimes even beyond sleep.

Definitely get up early

In the old days the monks often started a new day very early, even in the winter did not wake up after 6 am. In spring and autumn try to get up before 5am. That to the human health, which is very beneficial for the metabolism, and regeneration of body cells.

Advantages of getting up early: On the one hand helps the cells to be metabolized, on the other hand helps to eliminate bad things from the body. If you wake up too late, the large intestine is not in the best working state, unable to complete its excretory function. In addition, the time to digest and absorb the most active nutrients, the "golden hour" of the body, is between 7 am - 9pm. Therefore, absolutely should not sleep in bed at this time, it will be very easy to cause dizziness, fatigue to the body.

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