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Importance Of Cholesterol To The Body

How many people have to worry and waste money because of the problem of "high blood fat", "high cholesterol" in the blood? Hundreds of millions of people have to take drugs to lower cholesterol levels, people everywhere are educated how to eat so that cholesterol does not rise. 

But it is possible that the charges that have been attributed to cholesterol are "ill-conceived", because cholesterol is actually essential for the body's life.

As early as the 1960s, cholesterol was thought to be the culprit for people's cardiovascular problems. The idea came from the Americans, when the cardiovascular death rate was also quite high, up to 30% of deaths.

A famous name in the field of nutrition at the time was Ancel Keys, who published the results of a study from a work called the Seven Countries Study, which showed the link between Nutrition and cardiovascular disease. 

People who eat a lot of meat and milk will have high cholesterol and heart disease. Ancel's influence was so great that those who intend to refute this theory were quickly crushed and attacked.

So the cholesterol message causes heart disease, and eating a lot of foods containing saturated fat like meat, eggs, milk ... is massively publicized. Cholesterol and fat become enemies of anyone who wants to have a healthy heart. This "creates jobs and income" for many different industries: developing drugs to help lower cholesterol (eg statins, zetia), making foods that are not saturated fat.

Though, health officials have condemned cholesterol, many experts who conducted the study objected to this theory but for one reason or another, it was just like throwing stones, there was some controversy. But through that people also found many interesting things.

Many experts accuse Ancel Keys, who initiated and laid the groundwork for this reasoning, for deliberately processing data analysis in a subjective direction. Despite the figures of 22 countries at the time, Ancel only filtered out six countries and drew a sharp curve for the theory he proposed. 

After that the fight"public bombing" by health authorities on the media makes it obvious. Advertising clips show that fat can clog up the water pipe, and so does the way it behaves with blood vessels. It is also updated in the textbooks for such doctors.

According to Dr. Earnest Curtis, he was also taught at the University of Medicine about the bad effect of cholesterol, and "saw no reason to doubt it". However, when he deepened his heart, he found that there were patients with cardiac arrest whose cholesterol levels were very low, high or low cholesterol levels were not related to heart disease. At first, he also thought it was a probabilistic problem, an exception. 

However the "so much so that he became suspicious and re-investigated the origin of the theory of cholesterol, later discovering deficiencies that he thought were unacceptable. His book, The Cholesterol Delusion, contributed to this understanding.

Dr. Heart Sin Stephen Sinatra also said he frequently asked his patients to take cholesterol-lowering drugs, like a relative of a drug company. However, as ultrasound technology developed, he realized that many people had high cholesterol levels but the arteries were not clogged, and vice versa! Together with Dr. Jonny Browden, he published the book The Great Cholesterol Myth(transient: The best thing about cholesterol).

Stories such as those of Dr. Sinatra and Kertist are so numerous that they are hard to get by. Up to now, hundreds of studies from different places have confirmed that cholesterol is not really harmful to the heart, but also the opposite.
What would you do without cholesterol?

Experts have found that cholesterol plays so many important roles that it is hard to list them all, your cells will not be able to live without cholesterol. It is present in every cell of the body, is a component of the cell membrane, helps produce hormones, vitamin D and bile acids for fat digestion, and is especially vital for nerve function.

Cholesterol is important for brain health, helping to form memory. Low cholesterol levels are linked to dementia, Alzheimer's disease, increased risk of depression, stroke and behavioral disorders.

Cholesterol should not be lowered by any means.

Except in some cases of extremely abnormal cholesterol levels requiring medical intervention, many experts recommend not to touch it, or find ways to "crush" it. Because everybody is different, and the need for cholesterol is also high and low. 

The liver is responsible for producing up to 75% of the cholesterol needed, when the medication is used to lower cholesterol, the body will have to adjust automatically to compensate. If the drug continued, the fight continued until one of the two sides gave in.

Many experts also agree that cholesterol is only one type, and dividing cholesterol into good and bad is unreasonable. They may have different functions and ways of operation that people are not familiar with.

Taking cholesterol-lowering drugs has been proven by hundreds of studies to bring many side effects to the health of users.

According to Dr. Mercola (, the side effects of statins - a drug used to lower cholesterol - are most commonly associated with muscle problems, memory loss, hyperglycemia, even increased risk of muscle cancer.

The debate over cholesterol and related drugs has been regarded as the hottest issue of modern medicine for decades. It is also suspected that the intervention of the pharmaceutical empire in the decisions of health officials makes the situation remain as it is today. However, many experts still hope that someday, one will have to bravely admit the mistakes in the charge of cholesterol.

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