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Indonesian doctors wear raincoats instead of medical protective gear

The shortage of medical supplies for prevention and treatment of nCoV epidemic seems to be very serious with some hospitals in Indonesia. Doctors are battling a real nightmare every day with no guarantee of protective equipment, ventilators are not enough in hospitals and doctors have to wear cheap raincoats. , sharing glasses, hiding a lot of risks makes the infection stronger. 

Since the pandemic broke out in this country, 20 doctors have died. Critics say the number of 459 patients who die of Covid-19 is too low for a country with the lowest Covid-19 test rate in the world. 
Many doctors have reported a depletion of medical supplies, from sophisticated luxury ventilators to safety gear. Some people also have to rely on family relief to buy some specialized protective clothing. Everyone was waiting for support from the hospital, but it seemed to only make them more tired. 

The number of doctors in Indonesia is also very modest, only 4 / 10,000 compared to 40 and 25 in Italy and South Korea, respectively, according to WHO statistics. The Indonesian Doctors Association warned that the nCoV crisis was much worse than what was reported and the government's response was "very sporadic". 

According to the latest official data, the country currently has about 5,136 cases of Covid-19 infection, but only 36,000 people have been tested in the island nation of over 260 million people. The actual death toll could be five times higher than the government announced, based on more than 1,000 suspected or nCoV infections buried at the local cemetery of Jakarta's capital government. The Ministry of Health has announced that it is monitoring 140,000 people likely to be infected.

"The official government figures do not reflect the true picture of the number of domestic cases." 
said Halik Malik, a spokesman for the Indonesian Doctors Association. And the increasing number of cases only puts more burden on the medical team of this fourth most populous country in the world. 

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