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Isolation: Pay Attention To Your Eyes Care

Phones and computers used much more during the isolation period made the eyes especially nervous. Even sensitive children are forced to use it for online lessons.

During the time of isolation, people work remotely on computers, go to social networking sites on smartphones and entertain on tablets, everything happens behind the screen. All of these tools can quickly impact your visual health.

“But rest assured, the eyes are not at risk of serious illness. However, certain simple jobs can limit fatigue and ensure vision in optimal conditions.”
Said Dr. Xavier Subirana, member of the board of Asnav (Vision Improvement Association) and vice president of the Association of Ophthalmologists explain.

It is important to create a good working atmosphere and follow the necessary rules for each type of monitor.

33 centimeters
Adjust the height of the screen to your eye level

And here is a suggestion to use the phone more properly: “Mobile phones are often placed too close to the eyes. However, for proper use, it must be placed 33 cm from the nose. At this distance, the eyes can be adjusted. The pupils and the eyes are focused to see. Under this distance, the eye must be overly adapted and will make the eyes get tired much faster.”
Says Dr. Subirana.
 It is this phenomenon that causes visual fatigue, itchy eyes and headaches.

The focus and brightness
Computers are essential tools in a work environment. It is important not to let the light reflect directly on the screen. The chair - or armchair - must be positioned in accordance with the position of the screen. When you sit opposite the screen must keep a distance from the screen.
“All this is only of course. That's by keeping the distance needed to reduce tired eyes.”
Summed up the ophthalmologist.
Never use these types of screens in the dark and the natural light from windows should be perpendicular to the computer, never leave the monitor facing or inverted by the light.
"It is important to rest and roll your eyes, blink often during the day."
For a good working position, choose a seat with flat feet on the ground, a straight back, a straight head and a 90-degree bent thigh. 
“Tiredness occurs when you stay in one position and sit for a long time in that position. It is important to rest and roll your eyes or blink often during the day so that your eyes do not dry out and cause eye fatigue.”
“To do this, you have to look up from your computer and look away, away. Move eyes to different positions. For those who play video games, I recommend resting 5 to 10 minutes after a game to relax your eyes.”
Dr Subirana explained.

Asnav also reminds you of the importance of having your eyes examined and wearing glasses all the time and shouldn't wait until you have a headache or tears to think about wearing them.
 open your eyes wide and move the eyeball in a clockwise direction. Repeat 3-4 times, then close your eyes and focus on your breathing and relax. This will help reduce stress and reduce eye strain.

Finally, to protect your eyes well, it is essential that you give your eyes a break during the day and away from all screens.

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