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JUST IN :Europe Develops Covid-19 Applications Like Apple And Google

European officials are pushing for applications that help users identify their close contact with positive cases without Bluetooth.

Countries are taking various measures to control the spread of Covid-19 , such as scanning QR codes, using bracelets, even tracking smartphones of isolated people via GPS. However, these types of quarantine techniques for data collection are judged inappropriate in Western countries because of privacy breaches.

At this point, the European Commission (EC) calls on members to build a system similar to the way Apple and Google are doing: creating an application that uses Bluetooth to measure the distance between one person without the other. identity as well as no GPS tracking.

Health officials say such applications, if widely used, will play an important role in controlling the outbreak of new outbreaks, especially when countries begin to relax quarantine orders. and people gradually return to work after a few weeks at home.

Last week, Apple and Google made a rare handshake when they co-operated the application that tracks the spread of Covid-19 for both devices running iOS and Android. The solution of the two sides is not to identify the user, only save the location of each other when near via Bluetooth. 

The operating mechanism of the tracking system is set by Apple and Google. Bluetooth data determines whether a user has had close contact with a Covid-19 infected person, rather than collecting identities.
Using the above picture as an example, Alice and Bob accidentally sat next to each other in public and talked for about 10 minutes. Both smartphones have Apple and Google applications installed and Bluetooth is turned on. A few days later, Bob had a positive result with Covid-19, and if he agreed, his phone would upload the location data app that Bluetooth records for the past 14 days. At this time, through the application, Alice will receive a notification that she may be F1 because of close contact with Bob. 

Although data is continuously sent via Bluetooh, Apple and Google systems use anonymous keys, which change every 15 minutes to protect privacy. Even if users share that they are infected with Covid-19, the system will only send notifications to people who have used smartphones near them during the time when the virus is most contagious.

This way, each time a new Covid-19 infection is detected, app users can determine if they used to be near that person (such as sitting at a table in a restaurant, gym ...), instead of You have to look it up manually to see where that person went, at what time of the 14 days ...

In May, Apple and Google will release an API, allowing devices running Android and iOS to interact with each other through applications of public health agencies.

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