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JUST IN: Germany To Ease Lockdown Amid Increase In Index Cases

Germany recorded an additional 2,866 cases and 315 people died of corona virus, the highest increase in 24 hours. Chancellor Merkel said it would gradually relax the blockade from next week because it had initially succeeded in the Covid-19 war.

According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the agency responsible for disease control and prevention in Germany, today, Germany has 315 more deaths from Covid-19. This is the first time that the nation's corona virus death has exceeded 300 within 24 hours, bringing the total number of deaths to 3,569.

Germany also reported a total of 130,450 cases nationwide, an increase of 2,866 cases compared to yesterday. This is the second consecutive day Germany recorded the number of Covid-19 infections rebounded after 4 days of reduction. In an online meeting with cabinet members on April 15, German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced that the country was initially successful in the war and would gradually relax the blockade from next week.

Chancellor Merkel said:

"We are gradually moving forward. The current situation is uncertain, still need to be careful, should not be too excited."

Accordingly, retail stores with premises less than 800 square meters will be allowed to open next week. Car dealerships, bike shops, hair salons and bookstores are also allowed to operate again, but strict hygiene rules must be followed.

The school will be open from May 4, with priority given to seniors.
The German government continues to ask people to wear masks on public transport and when shopping. The ban persisted with bars, cafes, cinemas, music centers and religious gatherings. Major events were also suspended until August 31.

Germany's blockade easing made it the first major country in Europe to gradually reopen its mission of reopening without causing a new wave of outbreaks

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