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JUST IN: Rivers State Government Warns Fishing Communities Over Massive Death Of Fishes

The Rivers State Government has today warned fishing communities in the state against eating or selling dead fishes that were found floating in some of its rivers like river Finima in Bonny LGA and Oyorokoto in Andoni LGA Rivers State.

It was reported that the affected fish type is called croaker which is popularly known as Broke Marriage and Called Onah in Ibani local dialect.

Dr. Igbiks Tamuno, the Rivers State Commissioner for Environment had also confirmed this recent development and has called on the people living in the affected regions to desist from eating the dead fishes as the ministry is set to carry out a full scale investigation to ascertain what had caused the death of the fishes.

It was also reported that the commissioner for Environment had already sent a team to Bonny to commence investigations with immediate effect.

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