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JUST IN:US Now Allows COVID-19 To Be Tested Through Saliva,Says It reduces Infection For The Health Workers

With the saliva test kit, the person who needs the test will receive a plastic tube and spit itself on it several times and the tube will be put into treatment - Photo: RU

According to a press release from Rutgers University (New Jersey State), which is conducting tests on a number of other research groups, said it had received the Food and Drug Administration's authorization to use the new test.

This is the first saliva test that has received Food and Drug Administration
authorization.The statement stated that the use of saliva to diagnose SARS-CoV-2 virus infection could enhance testing capabilities throughout the United States.

In the immediate future, this test method will be applied in hospitals and health centers in cooperation with Rutgers University. Says that the university's lab can be able to handle upto 10,000  specimens per day.

Therefore, the Food and Drug Administration also warns that patients who receive negative results from this test will still have to be verified by the results of another test method.

In the Rutgers University testing license, the Food and Drug Administration
 also emphasizes that testing should only be done in a medical facility under the supervision of a trained healthcare provider.

Until now, testing has been done through taking a nose or throat swab.
Doctors taking pharyngeal fluid from patients should be susceptible to cross-infection - Photo: AFP

In this way, medical staff must conduct the sampling. Many hospitals have strict requirements that often require staff to change masks and gloves every time a sample is taken, which results in a rapid loss of protective equipment and a time-consuming process.

More importantly, Andrew Brooks, chief executive and technology development director of Rutgers University's RUCDR biotechnology lab, said the solution would also help healthcare professionals avoid the risk of infection when taking samples from the palate.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says more than half of US health workers have COVID-19 due to close contact with patients or colleagues at work. The findings underscore the need to better protect frontline doctors in the fight against epidemics.

With the saliva test kit, the person who needs the test will receive a plastic tube and spit itself on it several times. All Plastic tubes will be taken back to the medical staffs to be processed in a laboratory.

Rutgers University tested its test on 60 patients, compared it with other current methods and gave the same results.

In the midst of a rapidly spreading epidemic across the US states, which is facing a shortage of test kits, several laboratories have conducted research to develop water testing methods. foam and other methods for diagnosing SARS-CoV-2 infection.

So far, the US Food and Drug Administration has been working with more than 300 test method developers, and these units have asked the FDA for permission to use their tests to speed up the diagnosis of SARS-CoV virus infection. 2.

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