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Kano Commissioner Reacts To His Sack By Governor Ganduje After Rejoicing Over Abba Kyari’ Death

Muazu Magaji the Kano state Commissioner for Works and Infrastructure, has reacted to his sack by the Governor Umar Ganduje. He was sacked for rejoicing over the death of the Chief of Staff, Abba Kyari.

The commissioner through his official Facebook page expressed his gratitude to the governor for the opportunity he was given to serve during the short time.

He however noted that he is still loyal to the state and would continue to serve in any way he can despite being sacked.  
Earlier in our post of the commissioner’s reaction towards the death of the late Chief of Staff, Abba Kyari the commissioner had noted that “Nigeria is now free.” 

According to him the Chief of Staff had so much power that he was deciding the fate of the Nation.

He said:

“Win-win. Nigeria is free. You can’t change history. You are who you are, and what you do define who you are dead or alive. There is a world of difference between a good person and a good leader. Leadership is an aggregated quality of mass empathy and personal favors.”

He added that;

”Nigeria is bigger than any individual. While praying for the President’s late support staff. Ours is to prevent a repeat of a non-accountable domineering era. Abba Kyari is no ordinary citizen. He amassed so much power that decided the fate of my nation and its people. Hence the death is never a personal thing.”

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