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Lady Gaga’s Album Tracklist Leaked

lady Gaga’s album track list has just been leaked and this album track list include the collaboration with likes of Blackpink, Ariana Grande and even John Elton.

Although we will have to wait a little while longer for the album, we may have just gotten a sneak peak at the Gaga’s album content.

Fans of Lady Gaga has just caught a  listing of Chromatica on Taarget’s Exclusive online, this list features all tracks which includes the collaboration with BLACKPINK, Ariana Grande, and John Elton.

Lady Gaga appears to have also confirmed this rumor after she made a post on twitter with an image and a caption #Chromatica. 

Although it is still unclear if this was an accident or purposely leaked but either way her fans are loving it and can’t get enough of it. 

Thanks to some spying skills bellow is a list of tracks listed on the Target’s Exclusive photo album:
1. Chromatica I.
2. Alice
3. Stupid Love
4. Rain On Me (ft. Ariana Grande).
5. Free Woman
6. Fun Tonight
7. Chromatica II
8. 911
9. Plastic Doll
10. Sour Candy (ft. BLACKPINK).
11. Enigma
12. Replay
13. Chromatica III
14. Sine From Above (ft. Elton John).
15. 1,000 Doves
16. Babylon

Chromatica the album was reportedly meant to be released this month, but was been due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

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