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'Lionel Messi Is From Another Planet'-Says Mascherano

Mascherano (right) repeatedly praised Messi (left) .

Midfielder Javier Mascherano said that superstar Lionel Messi is a rare player who owns the game in all circumstances.
"In football, thinking and playing technique are very important," Goal quoted Mascherano. "
Most players think well but don't have the technique to do it, or vice versa. And Messi usually does both, at high speed. That's the difference.

Mascherano - the former Barca midfielder - added:
"Moreover, Messi knows how to handle the game, to create a dozen chances per game. He has the ability to master the game. Normally, the players are swept away. They have to do a lot of different actions according to the situation of the match, or because the opponent is overwhelming. ".
Mascherano was Messi's teammate in the Argentina team for the period 2005-2018, and at Barca 2010-2018. This is not the first time he praised the 32-year-old superstar.

In 2012, Mascherano told Mundo Deportivo : "Messi may not be an ordinary person, but fortunately he sees himself as an ordinary person." In February 2017, Mascherano told Catalonia magazine:
"Barca is more important than every coach, every player, except Messi." 
 A few months later, the 35-year-old midfielder thought  Messi was the boss , owning a football game.

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