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Many Countries Will Have To Adjust The Number Of Covid-19 Deaths Like China – WHO

Wuhan, China - the first epidemic-hit region that started Covid-19, has been caught up in suspicions of inaccurate deaths. The government then acknowledged the errors in the statistical process and corrected it. The capital added an additional 1,290 people who died from nCoV, resulting in an increase of 50% in the old data, for a total of 3,869 people. 

However, many questions have been raised about how China determines the number of cases of nCoV, after the country constantly changes its criteria for cases, according to AFP.
The World Health Organization (WHO) on April 17 announced that many other countries could also have to review or revise the number of people who died of Covid-19 as China did. to ensure authenticity.

"That's the challenge in an outbreak of disease: how to identify all cases and all deaths. I think many countries will face similar situations, because they will have to go back and check the lake, whether the number of cases is counted, "

said WHO senior expert on Covid-19, Maria van Kerkhove, speaking at an online press conference in Geneva.

Ms. Van Kerkhove also pointed out some inadequacies that made the data inaccurate such as: some patients died at home, others died at temporary hospitals, so it is difficult for health workers to calculate paperwork. Accurate while emergency and treat patients.

WHO's director of emergency response, Michael Ryan concurred: 

"Every country will see this." 

At the same time, he urged nations to update accurate data as quickly as possible, "because it helps us understand what the impact is, giving us a much more accurate future prediction".
On April 14, New York City, the most heavily affected by Covid-19 in the United States, corrected the number of deaths caused by nCoV, adding more than 3,700 patients to include those who had not been tested. but suspected viral infection.

 Catalonia, Spain also began to calculate the number of deaths suspected of infection with the new strain of Corona virus, causing the number of deaths there increased significantly on 15th April. However, according to Reuters, the Spanish government has not counted suspected cases in the number of casualties, but said it would seek to adjust the specific statistics of each region.

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