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Mesut Ozil Refused To Reduce Wages

Mesut Ozil belongs to a group of three protesting players, while the remaining members all agree to a 12.5% ​​pay cut as suggested by the Arsenal management.

On April 20, Arsenal announced a 12-month pay cut agreement with players and first-team management. They are the first team in the Premier League to reduce the total salary of the players. However, there are three players who aren't convinced by this offer, and this number has Ozil, according to the Daily Mail .

Ozil is currently the highest paid player at Arsenal, earning $ 435,000 a week. But the German midfielder said he needed to know in detail how difficult the financial situation of the club in the context of the tournament was delayed due to the impact of Covid-19 . Ozil confirmed his willingness to reduce wages if he understood the situation. 

The British Football Association (PFA) recommends that players reject the club's offer of pay cut and, instead, recommend that they accept the club's late pay. Ozil believes this is a reasonable solution. Arsenal declined to comment for this matter because they believe this is a personal matter of the player. 

According to the British press, the Arsenal players initially refused to reduce wages . But then coach Mikel Arteta spoke and persuaded them to accept the club's proposal. 

Arsenal will refund the player a 12.5% ​​pay cut if they win a Champions League ticket in the next two seasons. If they attend the Europa League, they will be refunded 7.5%. But if they cannot win a place in the European Cup, the players will lose this money.

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