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New York Woman Meets Baby She Gave Birth To In COVID-19 Coma

A woman in New York has just reportedly set her eyes for the first time the baby she gave birth to in early April while on a ventilator in an artificial coma due to a serious form of COVID-19 she had.

Yanira Soriano, the 36 year old mother, was intubated for 11 days in intensive care unit before she had recovered "miraculously" to welcome her fourth child, her doctor told AFP.

Dr. Benjamin Schwartz who is the head of obstetrics and gynecology at Southside Hospital in Bay Shore had said that her chances of survival was very lean, noting that most patients who had been on a ventilator don’t survive.

She had finally recovered and was released from the hospital in a wheelchair as dozens of health care workers applauded her on Wednesday. Her husband was also present and was the one who handed their baby boy, Walter to the mother for the first time.

It was reported that she was 8 months pregnant when she was diagnosed with the virus same time as her husband who had a less serious case and unlike her was able to remain at home. She was hospitalized and also placed on oxygen but her condition deteriorated the more and faster too.

The doctors had feared that the lack of oxygen might harm the baby and also that the pressure of the baby in her large belly might prevent her lungs from working well. They adviced her on the emergency of performing a cesarean section before she was placed in an artificial coma, and she urged them to do whatever they could to save her baby.

Although the baby was born a little premature, he is reportedly doing well as he was transferred to the children’s hospital in New York where he was picked up by his Father.

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