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Nigeria Demanded Compensation Of 200 Billion USD From China

A group of Nigerian lawyers on April 26 announced plans to file a lawsuit against the Chinese government, demanding $ 200 billion in damages for the damage caused by Covid-19 to the African nation.

According to Breitbart, the lawyers have filed a class action lawsuit, demanding that China pay compensation for "loss of life, economic stranglehold, trauma, difficulties, social disorientation, fine crisis." god and civilian life vandalized ”by Covid-19 for Nigeria.

The Azinge & Azinge law firm initiated this legal action and emphasized that it had completed class action proceedings against the Chinese government.

“The legal experts' group has a two-stage plan: the first is to sue in Nigeria's Federal High Court; then persuading the government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to file a national lawsuit against the People's Republic of China to the International Court of Justice in the Hague.”
said Epiphany Azinge, one of the lawyers who organized the initiative. The lawsuit told reporters on April 26.

"These legal experts will demand a $ 200 billion compensation from China and the Chinese government will receive a written suit through their embassy in Nigeria."
 Azinge added.

Nigeria is Africa's largest oil exporter. The Covid-19 epidemic caused oil prices to drop, causing Nigeria to a serious economic loss. By the end of April 29, Nigeria had recorded 1,532 cases of Covid-19, of which 44 had died. However, according to Breitbart, the figures will increase significantly because the African nation has a weak health system. 

In addition, confirmed cases and deaths in Nigeria do not include dozens of people who died in rural areas because of a "strange disease" but had no chance to test for nCov.
In addition to suffering from the Wuhan virus, the people of Nigeria in China are also discriminated against

In Guangzhou City, many Nigerians and other African nationals have been kicked out of their homes despite having paid their rent, forced to sleep in the streets, to test the Wuhan virus several times without being told the results.
China is facing increasing international pressure because of its response to Covid-19. 

In addition to Nigeria, many organizations and regions around the world have filed lawsuits against Beijing. In the US, Missouri on April 21 filed a lawsuit against the government and several Chinese agencies for concealing information that led to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

A day later, the state of Mississippi broadcasted a notice about a similar plan. Berman Law Group, based in Miami, Florida, on April 20, said thousands of Americans had signed  a class action suit  demanding Chinese authorities pay billions of dollars in compensation.

On April 7, Arab News reported that Mohamed Talaat of Gharbia, Nile Delta, south of Cairo, filed a lawsuit against Xi Jinping, demanding Chinese compensation of $ 10,000 billion to Egypt.

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