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Patience: The Attitude Of Successful People

In the world, there are many successful people, but how to know who is the hero and the small man? If looking at positions and money on the surface is difficult to predict, only behaving, considering the psychology will discover the true noble people.

Success is not everyone's dream, the difference is in choosing the right mind to make efforts, from which the fate of each person is different.

There are people who are used to calculating, like to use cunning devices, and take their whole life to take benefits and merits as guidance, can also be fulfilled. But in return, the mind and body of affliction and success only stop at small benefits, even harmful to people who do not know. On the contrary, the noble man embraced even great will, following the doctrine of the sage, using his patience to do great work in the world, establishing a radiant German virtue.

Lao Tzu said:
"Great men look like dumb people, great people look like fear, smart people look awkward."
Talented people often don't show their talents outside. Their ability is like pearls, not displayed to dazzle others. The weak, seemingly foolish appearance conceals the mind as wide as the sea, the extraordinary inner strength.

It is people with high patience, great wisdom that hides their talents. The ancients said that:
 "Truthfulness and truth are not revealed." 
But modern people often do the opposite, thinking that they must show a strong ego, showing off their capacity to pursue progress. In fact, the pursuit of interests, glorious nihilism without thinking of establishing Germany. Therefore, when faced with conflicts and temptations, they are often impatient.

In To Thuc's "Liu Bei", it is written:  

"The man who is called mastery must have more temperament than men. The lover has a place where he cannot help, so if the man who is in disgrace meets with his sword, it is not enough to be called brave. The great courage in the world, on the contrary, suddenly encounter the earthquake and terrestrial business is not afraid, unjustly encounter the contrary things nor resentment. That's because their ambition is huge and their lice are far away.”

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