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Popular US Bishop Dies Of COVID19

Gerald Glenn, a popular Virginia Bishop, who had defiled lockdown order and also vowed to keep preaching unless he was “in jail or the hospital” has just been reported dead from COVID-19 complications.

Bishop Gerald Glenn had earlier showed off his fully packed congregation back in March 22 at the New Deliverance Evangelistic Church in Richmond, VA while telling his congregation to stand up and show their numbers in spite of the social distancing order and warnings against large gatherings due to the coronavirus pandemic.

His church announced his death on Easter Sunday, the post confirmed he had died a week after contracting the virus. While during his service he had said that he believes God is larger than the virus and said he was proud of being controversial for going against the safety measures put in place.

The Bishop had claimed to be an essential worker as he was a preacher of God’s word.  His wife Marcietia Glenn is reportedly sick with the virus too.  The daughter Mar-Gerie Crawler reported that her father had dismissed his symptoms at first because he had a health condition that always results in fevers and infections.

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