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Pregnant Woman Fell Into A Coma After Being Infected With Covid-19 But Still Gave Birth To A Healthy Baby

And the mother in Washington, USA, had to wait until she had a negative result with Covid-19 to hold her baby on her lap.

Primachenko posted a picture of herself taken with her newborn daughter on Instagram

Angela Primachenko was finally able to carry her baby, the 27-year-old pregnant woman who fell into a coma while pregnant at 34 weeks, just days after she was infected with Covid-19.

When she woke up she saw little girl Ava there, 5 days old. However, the mother must not touch the baby until she is tested negative for Covid-19. It was only on Wednesday (April 15) that Primachenko was hugging her child that she said that moment was truly moving, which made her cry.

Primachenko lives in Vancouver, Washington, which is the first state to register the first case and death from Covid-19 in the United States, according to CNN.
Like many people with Covid-19, young mothers start with symptoms such as a constant cough and fever.
 "She knows the risks, Primachenko has taken all precautions." - Oksana Luiten, the twin sister of the pregnant woman said.
Pregnant women become pregnant at 34 weeks of pregnancy due to Covid-19 infection

Her family took her for a test and within 2 days later, her symptoms worsened. As expected, Primachenko was positive for SARS-CoV-2.
On March 26, she was taken to the intensive care unit at the hospital. Three days later, the woman must use a breathing machine.
 "When you're sick, you're just trying to fight for your life. I ignored the fear to focus on overcoming it." - Primachenko said.
While she was in the hospital room, the medical team held a long meeting to decide how to deal with the unborn baby. The mother gave birth on April 1 and 4 days later, Primachenko's health began to decline. 
"We were really scared thinking about the possibility of losing her that day." - Luiten said.
However, the next day, things got better and she was allowed to leave the intensive care unit. The mother was later taken home by her husband, 11-month-old daughter, Emily, while Ava remained in the hospital until Primachenko was negative. And it didn't take long, just the following weekend, the baby Ava was allowed to go home.

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