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JUST IN: President Kim Jong Un Passes Away

Deputy director of a Hong Kong television station in Hong Kong said that North Korean President Kim Jong Un has passed away, although neither Pyongyang nor Beijing have made a statement confirming that.

The person who gave the news of Kim's death was the deputy director of Hong Kong Satellite Television (HKSTV), according to the International Business Times (IBT).

In a comment posted on Chinese social network Weibo, the woman told about 15 million followers on April 24th that she had "a very solid source" that said Kim Jong Un died.
IBT said the HKSTV television station is backed by Beijing and the deputy director is the grandson of a senior Chinese official.

IBT also wrote that her statement was widely shared on social media. However, no further information is available to verify the true status of the North Korean leader.

Netizens also spread a picture showing a man like Kim Jong Un covered with a red scarf and lying in a glass coffin. There is no confirmation that this photo, some netizens shared was suspect this photo is fake.

The health of Mr. Kim Jong Un especially attracts the attention of the world, from politicians, the media and ordinary residents, because he is the sole decision-maker for nuclear arsenals. North Korea and have made threats to attack countries deemed "hostile" to Pyongyang.

Japan's Gendai Business newspaper said a Chinese doctor said that Kim Jong Un, 36, is currently living in a plant after a heart surgery. The medical official said that Beijing had sent a team of doctors to Pyongyang to treat Mr. Kim. However, before they arrived, the North Korean doctors were forced to operate on Kim but failed.

Reuters also reported that the Chinese government has sent a delegation of medical experts to Pyongyang to "consult" on Kim Jong Un's situation.

Pyongyang is still silent on news of Kim Jong Un, the third generation of the ruling family in North Korea. Kim's children are still a mystery to the public, but many sources say no children are old enough to take over his father's throne.

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