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President Putin: Russia has not reached the "peak of COVID-19 Pandemic”

According to TASS news agency (Russia), Russia has recorded 93,558 cases of COVID-19 infection, surpassing Iran (more than 92,500 cases) and China (more than 83,000 cases). In particular, up to 867 deaths and 8,456 cases have recovered.

However, according to Russian President Vladimir Putin, the country's coping efforts have made the disease progress slowly but the situation is still difficult and has not yet reached the "peak of epidemic".

So, in an online meeting with officials on April 28, President Putin decided to extend the period of social isolation, allowing workers to take paid leave until May 11 in the context of the old regulation, expires on April 30.

At Putin's order, a plan to ease the blockade will be submitted on May 5 to be able to proceed from May 12. Putin also instructed ministers to prepare emergency measures to support the economy and the people during the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, according to Reuters news agency, Russian State Nuclear Energy Corporation (ROSATOM) on the same day expressed concern about the disease spread in three "nuclear cities" are Sarov, Elektrostal and Desnogorsk.

Speaking to the staff, ROSATOM leader Alexei Likhachev emphasized: The situation in the three cities is particularly alarming when the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, making many people infected.

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