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PSG Awarded The Championship Even Though Ligue 1 Was Canceled

According to L'Equipe newspaper, the championship of the French League (Ligue 1) in the 2019-2020 season will be given to PSG Club despite the decision to cancel the tournament because of Covid-19.

A few days ago, French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe announced that football and sports competitions in general would not return, including football matches in the country that will only take place after September 2020. Immediately after that Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 simultaneously announced cancellation.

However, recently L'Equipe newspaper published information about the French Football Association and the BTC Ligue 1 side has decided to give the championship season 2019/2020 to PSG Club.

The French capital team has played 27 matches this season, leading the Ligue 1 rankings with 68 points, 12 points more than the second team Marseille but playing less than 1 match. If they were awarded the title, this would be the third consecutive Ligue 1 championship and the 9th in club history.
Marseille, Rennes and Lille ranked second, third and fourth, respectively, but have yet to decide whether they will represent France for the European Cup next season.

At the bottom of the rankings, Nimes, Amiens and Toulouse are the three teams in the "red light" group. However, the Ligue 1 BTC has not officially announced the relegation team. Most likely, the French Football Federation and the Ligue 1 BTC side will wait for instructions from the European Football Federation in the near future.

In Europe now, the Bundesliga is scheduled to play again on May 9 without an audience; La Liga and Serie A are expected to take place by the end of May 28; while the English Premier League is expected to continue in mid-June. Meanwhile the Dutch League is also canceled and there is no champion. Before that, Belgium was the first country in Europe to announce an "end" of the season early but still awaiting the results of the next referendum.

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