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Reactions In The States After The Order To Reopen The US

New York continues to be the state most heavily affected by the Covid-19 epidemic in recent years. However, recently, the number of cases of nCoV being treated in hospitals in the state has decreased from 18,000 to 16,000, and the number of patients using ventilators has also decreased. 

Compared to the 700 deaths in a day, the state recently recorded 507 new deaths, a much lower figure, according to Reuters. 

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said that:

 "If these trends continue, we have passed the peak of the epidemic and the indicators are showing we are on the decline. But this is only the first half. We still need to pin the monster down."

Cuomo also said next week, the state of New York would conduct the nation's largest antibody test to identify those infected. Samples will be randomly selected, New York State will conduct testing for 2,000 people per day, or 14,000 people per week out of the total 19 million people living here.

However, previous statistics show that the number of deaths due to Covid-19 across the United States has increased dramatically. It took 38 days for the number of deaths from the first shift to 10,000. After that, this period was shortened, in just 5 days, the number of 10,000 was pushed to 20,000. Continuing from 30,000 cases to 40,000 within 4 days, including "Covid-19 suspected" deaths and nothing yet to be confirmed, according to a recent New York publication.

US President Donald Trump gave detailed instructions to each state about reopening the United States after a long time of stagnation. He said state governors were able to ease their social gap after 14 days of isolation because the number of infections was declining. At the same time, President Trump also encouraged people who were protesting to ask the states to open earlier, with tweets urging people to "liberate" the states of Michigan, Minnesota and Virginia. 

People have recently conducted protests in states such as Texas, Wisconsin, capital cities of Ohio, Minnesota, Michigan and Virginia to demand an end to the blockade and detention orders that are crippling the economy. in this country. 

However, the governors of the states did not agree with Trump's idea of ​​reopening at this time. 

Washington Governor Jay Inslee said that the President is trying to encourage people to commit crimes by supporting the protests in the midst of the epidemic. 

Jay Inslee said that:

"These home orders are in fact state laws. A president goes to encourage people to commit crimes. I've never seen anything in the US".

Gov. Larry Hogan, Republican, Maryland said Trump's comment that states that have multiple tests are "completely wrong." Because before that, President Donald Trump encouraged the states to reopen because they believed in the testing of the states, but in reality they did not. 

Governor Ralph Northam, Democratic Party, Virginia, said that it was "myth". 

Currently, the US is still the largest Covid-19 outbreak in the world with more than 40,000 deaths and more than 740,000 new infections of Corona virus. 

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