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Reason Why You Should Not Rub Your Eyes

Apart from making you older, rubbing your eyes can scratch the cornea and damage your eyesight. 
Many people have a habit of rubbing their eyes to feel better. but, according to health experts, this action leads to more damage than benefits. In particular, it also causes the risk of vision loss and makes you old before your actual age.

Sharing with Men's Health , Dr.  Anupama B. Horne, Head of Ophthalmology at Duke Center (USA), said that it is easy to rub eyes when itching or stress. 
"Rubbing the eyes stimulates the tear glands, moisturizes dry, tired eyes and removes foreign objects. It also leads to heart-eye reflexes, which means putting pressure on the eyeballs to slow the heart down, from that reduces stress, "explains Dr. Horne. 
However, rubbing your eyes too vigorously and often will damage your eyes and related structures. If dust, eyelashes or other foreign objects are on the surface of the eye, rubbing will cause the cornea to scratch. You will feel pain, discomfort because something sticking in your eyes does not come out and constantly tears, red eyes, sensitivity to light. Not to mention, white eyes are prone to redness due to broken blood vessels and the surrounding skin is dark. As a result, you will look haggard, old.

More dangerously, in some patients, excessive eye rubbing can lead to Keratoconus in which the cornea is thinner and deformed. At this time, vision is significantly reduced and patients will need surgery.

Ideally, to protect your eyes, use eye drops rather than rubbing them. In case you want to reduce stress, try taking a deep breath. 

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