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Reopening the country will not be "game over" – Dr. Anthony Fauci

Dr. Anthony Fauci, US top infectious disease specialist, has just revealed that just because the country may start using the phased plan to slowly reopen the economy, "it's not game over."
He said this at the daily coronavirus update, he said that there are checks built in to each phase to ensure safety above everything else, even if it means that things won’t completely go back to as it was before.
He said that;
"No matter what phase you are in, there are certain fundamental things that we've done that are not like it was in September and October. You want to call it the new normal, call it whatever you want, but even if you are in phase one, two or three, it is not game over. It's going to be a way that we protect ourselves."

He also noted that it is also important to continue to observe the preventive measures put in place to curb the spread of the virus until a vaccine is found.
Fauci added that;
"It may very well be that as we go the cycle around there will be this virus that wants to come back to us. I think we will be able to handle that."

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