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Rio De Janeiro's Governor Tests Positive To Coronavirus

Wilson Witzel, Rio de Janeiro’s state governor has just confirmed that he has tested positive to coronavirus.

He released a video on his official twitter handle saying that he hasn’t been feeling well since last Friday and had decided to take the test. He noted that he had fever and his throat was hurting and his taste bud was weak at tasting, although he also mentioned that he was feeling okay.

He also adviced everyone to stay at home and emphasized that anyone can contract this virus. It has also been reported that more than 25,000 persons has tested positive to this virus in Brazil and at least 1,532 persons has died of this virus this is according to a statistics released by the Brazilian Ministry of Health on Tuesday 14th April.

The state of Rio de Janeiro has confirmed recording as the state with the second highest number of cases, with at least 3,410 cases and at least 224 deaths.

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