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Russian Player Dies Suddenly While Quarantining Covid-19

Innokenti Lokomotiv Moscow Samokhvalov died at age 22, during private practice at home.

Samokhvalov did not feel well at home training, before his death on Monday, April 20, according to the announcement of his host club Lokomotiv Moscow. "A good guy, a good friend has left. Lokomotiv was shocked by this information. It was too great a loss for our extended family," the Russian team homepage said.
"It is terrible," coach Alexandr Grishin told RIA Novosti . "If he had been allowed to join the team (because he was in isolation because of Covid-19 ), he probably would not have experienced this tragedy. Information from the medical department said, the cause of death. by heart attack. "   
According to Grishin, Lokomotiv left the player to practice at home, following the club's daily instructions. Samokhvalov lives with his wife and son. He joined the Russian Railway team at the age of nine, and won the National Youth Championship in the 2015-2016 season. The player was then loaned to Second-ranked club Kazanka for the next two seasons.
"It's a pity for Samokhvalov. Lokomotiv knows his cardiovascular problems. It should have been more careful," coach Andrei Talalaev told sports channel MatchTV . "He was solely responsible for his own practice, and wrote a pledge that he is willing to take all the consequences."  
The Russian football federation sent condolences to the victim's family. Currently the tournament in Russia is postponed to 31/5, and is expected to return in the second half of June.

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