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Sailor From The USS Theodore Roosevelt Dies Of Coronavirus

A sailor who had earlier tested positive to Covid-19 on the USS Theodore Roosevelt has just been confirmed dead from the virus, this was revealed in a Statement today Monday by the US Navy.

The sailor was reportedly admitted to intensive care unit in Guam on Thursday and has died today, the Navy said.
As of Sunday April 12th, 585 sailors from the USS Theodore Roosevelt has tested positive to corona virus, according to a statement from the US Navy. About 92% of the USS Theodore Roosevelt crew members have all been tested for coronavirus, the statement reads.

It was earlier reported that Captain Brett Crozier of the USS Theodore Roosevelt had written a letter to the Navy leadership flagging of his concerns about the Roosevelt's crew of more than 4,000, alerting them to all the challenges that has been putting place in trying to contain the disease aboard the ship and had urgently requested that sailors be allowed to quarantine on land.

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