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Serie A, Premier League and League 1 Faith Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

After many days of postponement due to COVID-19, the top European football competitions are scheduled to return in the near future: Serie A (May), Premier League (early June), followed by French National Championship (Ligue 1) on June 17.

Under the influence of the COVID-19 epidemic, all of Europe's top football leagues have been postponed. In the context of the club being under great pressure from declining sales, salaries, television royalties, ticket money, some tournaments have begun to be rescheduled.

Serie A ( Italy ) is likely to be the first major European football tournament to come back in May, when the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) president Gabriele Gravia has confirmed it.

Mr. Gravia said:

"We will hold a meeting soon to make a decision. Once qualified, we will end the national championship."

Adding that it is likely that the match will take place without an audience. The head of FIGC expressed his hope that in the beginning of May, the players will be tested and guaranteed negative with COVID-19 so they can practice again.

Meanwhile, according to the Express website (UK), BTC competitions from the first to the third tier of the UK (EFL) are gradually coming to a consensus that the season will continue on June 6, matches will be played on without audiences.

If this option of the EFL is approved, the Premier League BTC will also use the above timeline to allow the matches to return. As such, the remaining matches will take place within 56 days, on the field without spectators.

Then, the season will end in July and does not affect the opening date of the 2020-2021 season. To achieve the above plan, the teams need to return to practice on 16/5 said Express.

After the English Premier League, the French national championship (League 1) may also return to play on June 17 and end on July 25. This is part of a plan adopted by the team leaders during a recent online meeting.

To finish the season on time, clubs may have to compete 3 days a game, playing in a domestic league with European Cup matches including the Champions League and Europa League.
In a press release published on April 13, the French Football Federation confirmed plans to reorganize French football competitions. However, this unit did not say whether the match must take place in the condition of no spectators.

The final of the French National Cup, between PSG and Lyon, was set to take place on June 27. The final of the French League Cup, between PSG and Saint-√Čtienne, will be held on July 11.

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