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She's Been Falsely Accused Of Starting The Coronavirus. Her Life Has Been Turned Upside Down.

Maatje Benassi, a US Army reservist and a mother of two, has just become the object of conspiracy theorists who had falsely accused her of starting the Coronavirus pandemic, stating that she had brought it to China.

The false claims have been spreading like wild fire throughout YouTube and so far has gotten thousands of views and have been accepted by the Chinese Communist Party Media.

She had not tested positive to these virus neither has she ever experienced any symptoms of this virus. She and her husband have become target of discussions on Chinese Social media which includes the account of big influencers in China which has driven much traffic.

This false claims have turned her live and that of her family upside down as their home address have also been shared online which had also resulted to them shutting down their social media accounts as their various social media account inboxes were overwhelmed with messages from those that believes in this conspiracy.

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