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Spain Extends State Of Emergency Till May 9

The Spanish parliament has just approved to the extension of its state of emergency order for the 3rd time to last until May 9.

State of emergency was first announced in Spain on March 14th 2020, which had ordered a severe restriction on movement and business in Spain. 

Spain’s Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez had requested for another extension during a speech to the press on Wednesday morning. He noted that this extension will be very much different from the others, he also warned the parliament members that coming out of this extension of state of emergency and return to normality will need to be slow and gradual and therefore must be secure for the citizens.

Sanchez also added that the government is implementing a control system for all those travelling within or outside Spain to avoid the case of imported contagions. He noted that any mistake made now will cause an effect either positive or negative that will be borne for the next month and years.

Spain has been ranked the world’s second highest cases of coronavirus cases, the country has also enforced Europe’s strictest restrictions to movement.

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