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Sports:Ronaldinho Favored By Paraguay Hotel, Creating His Own "Football field" To Play

4-star hotel Palmaroga (Paraguay) has designed Ronaldinho a special room so that the Brazilian superstar can play football while under house arrest. 

After paying a guarantee of up to $ 1.6 million, Ronaldinho and his brother were allowed to leave Agrupación Especializada prison and move to the Palmaroga Hotel to continue under house arrest. 

Ronaldinho brothers booked 2 luxurious rooms with an overnight price of about 380 USD.

Because the Paraguayan government is applying an emergency spacing measure against the COVID-19 epidemic, the Brazilian superstar and his brother are also the only guests, almost occupying the first floor, where the most luxurious rooms are located.

However, this long-standing hotel does not have facilities to play sports such as volleyball, football or futsal. Ronaldinho missed the ball very much and made a request for a game field with the staff. Luckily, the hotel agreed to facilitate and take advantage of the situation where there are no guests.
"Yesterday, the staff brought Ronaldinho a ball. We set up a separate room for him to play, about 30 square meters," Infobae quoted hotel manager Emilio Yegros.
Palmaroga Hotel has a swimming pool but lacks a soccer field for Ronaldinho. Photo: Infobae
 Mr. Yegros also talked a lot about Ronaldinho's condition after a week of staying at the hotel. The manager said, "Romab" still does not lose humor and always try to create fun for everyone.
"Ronaldinho seems to be a good person. He did not lose his smile, so did his brother Ronaldinho. His face changed a lot after a week. On the first day of his arrival, he was visibly nervous," Yegros added. .
In early April, Ronaldinho and his brother were arrested for using fake passports to enter Paraguay.

During the investigation, police suspected the 2002 World Cup champion was involved in the money laundering line of businesswoman Dalia Lopez. If this is true, the penalty for Ronaldinho is certainly not light.

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