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Taiwan Donated An Additional 2 Million Masks To The United States

A shipment of 2 million Taiwanese masks arrived in the United States on April 20. So, this month, Taiwan has donated 4 million masks to the United States.

In this aid shipment, Massachusetts received 100,000 masks. According to Taiwan News, Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Boston said in a statement said:

“This important aid will be sent to frontline health workers when they have to work around the clock treating and saving people in Massachusetts. " 
The Massachusetts government thanked Taiwan for this gift. Mark Sullivan, a representative of Massachusetts expressed gratitude saying:
“I am very honored to be here on behalf of Governor Charlie Baker and Deputy Governor Karyn Polito to welcome Taiwanese friends and receive 100,000 Medical masks of this friendship. The Taiwan Government not only manufactures masks but also ships them to us, we are truly grateful. Thank you to the Taiwan Government again for the gift you gave."

Congressman Huang Zi'an of Massachusetts said:
"I want to thank the Taiwanese friends who donated 100,000 masks to the state, which is the material we need."

Massachusetts reportedly has the third highest number of Covid-19 infections in the United States, while the fourth highest number of deaths nationwide.

Senator Elizabeth Warren on 21/4 posted on Twitter that:
 "I express my gratitude to Taiwan for the generous donation to Massachusetts against Covid-19". 
Below her post, the Formosa Public Affairs Association (FAPA) commented that:

 "It would be good if the US government considered supporting Taiwan to join the World Health Organization (WHO)."
According to reports, although Taiwan has not yet been a member of WHO to date, Taiwan's disease prevention has been quite successful and has received praise from the international community. Massachusetts officials hope that the US can learn about Taiwan's disease prevention.

Xu Youdian, director of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Boston, expressed that disease prevention does not discriminate against national boundaries, and that the international community should join hands to overcome this crisis.

"In fact, Taiwan is one of the first countries to be affected by the disease," he said. But now we have become a model of disease prevention for other countries. Today's presentation proves that Taiwan can contribute a portion of its ability to help the world, and Taiwan is truly helping the world.”
Earlier this month, Taiwan donated 2 million masks to the United States. The island has also donated masks and medical supplies to allied nations and friends around the world. 

On April 15, Taiwan's Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Tu Tu Kiem informed that the island had sent 80,000 masks to four allies in the Pacific region. On April 16, Taiwan donated 2 million masks to Japan. 

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