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The British Court Called For An Investigation Into The Appointment Of Chinese Officials In The Human Rights Council


An independent London-based court wrote to Antonio Guterres, the UN Secretary General, who called on him to investigate the appointment of a Chinese official to the UN Human Rights Council.

On 1 April, Jiang Duan, the head of the Chinese Mission in Geneva, was appointed to the advisory group of the United Nations Human Rights Council.

According to Newsweek , after the appointment, Mr. Geoffrey Nice, a human rights lawyer and chair of the London-based independent court, said that Tuong Doan was appointed to the Advisory Group of the Inter-Human Rights Council. 

The United Nations (UN) means the UN is "complicit" with China's human rights violations, including the suppression of Islamic groups in the western part of the country and live organ harvesting.

Regarding Chiang's appointment, Hamid Sabi, a court adviser told Newsweek that Chiang's role in the five-member Advisory Group will give Beijing "great influence" to deal with and "Blocking any investigation of human rights violations in China by manipulating other members".

In addition, Jiang's appointment has raised "serious concerns" among members of the Court that the world's "major international organizations" are unwilling to confront China over violations of human rights, including organ harvesting.

Tony Perkins, chairman of the United States International Religious Freedom Commission, told The Epoch Times that Chiang's appointment to the UN Human Rights Council's Advisory Group was like giving a "fox". protecting the chicken cages, ”he said, at the same time, he said the Committee for Religious Freedom opposed the appointment.

"To be honest, any country concerned with human rights should speak up about this and should do everything possible to prevent that from happening." 
he told The Epoch Times.
US Senators John Cornyn and Marco Rubio also wrote to Guterres protesting the appointment: 

“The Chinese government's deceitful behavior toward the international community about the serious dangers of corona virus ( Covid-19) outbreak in Wuhan, China violated any belief in human rights and should exclude them from the advisory group of the Human Rights Council. "

In addition to calling for an investigation of Mr. Jiang's appointment, the independent court letter sent to Mr. Guterres also mentioned that Beijing is still carrying out forced organ harvesting, and thinks the crime is comparable "to the most brutal atrocities that occurred during the conflicts of the 20th century, ”such as the Nazi massacre of Jews, the Khmer Rouge massacre in Cambodia and the Rwanda genocide .

Earlier, in March, the London-based Independent Court declared that the Chinese government continued its live organ harvesting of prisoners of conscience and sold them to the live organ transplant market to make a profit.

China has consistently denied any allegations of organ harvesting, although in 2005 it admitted it had removed organs from death row inmates, and said the practice ended in 2015.

However, according to investigators, the source of organs comes not only from death row inmates but also from Falun Gong practitioners and the Uyghur community in Xinjiang.

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