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The Danger Of Blue Light From Phones, Computers And How To Fix It

Computers, smartphones (smartphones), televisions have been indispensable tools in modern life. However, if not awake, anyone can easily immerse into the small screen and neglect other things. 

Not only that, many studies show that electronic screens emit light that damages the fundus, circadian rhythms, increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, etc. The younger generation today is exposed to smartphones, TVs, machines Calculated from an early age, the damage to the eyes will be more severe.

Screen vision syndrome

After spending all day in front of the computer, you will see blurred vision , or dry eyes, fatigue, redness after hours of using a smartphone. Some people may experience a headache after only a few hours in front of the screen.

The above manifestations are grouped into a syndrome called screen vision syndrome . This syndrome occurs when users look at the electronic screen continuously for a long time, it is so common that many people consider it normal.

If you take the time to relax and rest your eyes, the screen vision syndrome will quickly disappear. Otherwise this condition will be able to become chronic.

Blue light causes permanent eye damage

If screen vision syndrome disappears after the eye is rested, blue light causes permanent damage to the eyes.

Blue light is not a new invention of science. Since ancient times, our ancestors have been exposed to the blue light from the natural sun. But what worries many ophthalmologists is the distance from the eyes to the screen is too close, and the amount of blue light our eyes are exposed daily through the type of electronic screens is increasing.

Blue light is the light with the most energy out of all visible light. So they can pierce through the layers of natural light filtering the eyeballs to reach the fundus and damage the retina.

Unlike screen vision syndrome, blue light damage is permanent and will accumulate over time, eventually causing eye diseases, especially macular degeneration, a cause. leading to blindness.

Previously, macular degeneration often occurred in the elderly due to the aging process but now the disease is gradually rejuvenating. Many research results show that blue light is a driving agent of the disease.

Children's eyes are particularly vulnerable. Partly because children are easily engrossed all day in front of the phone screen or television without adult supervision. More worrisome, young children's eyes are still developing and there are no protective pigments to help the eyes filter blue light.

Disorders of the body's circadian rhythm

Blue light not only affects the eyes but also heavily disturbs the circadian rhythms of humans, affects mental and sleep, causing insomnia, stress. Some studies also show that light exposure at night contributes to modern diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, obesity.


simplest and most effective method is to minimize the look at the electronic screen. Blue light disturbs the circadian rhythms so that within 2-3 hours before sleeping, instead of using your phone, watching TV, you can listen to radio, listen to music, read books, go for a walk, chat. Besides, some of the following measures will also help you minimize the side effects of electronic screens.

Smart usage strategy
Experts recommend that electronic display users follow the 20-20-20 principle. It is for the eyes to rest every 20 minutes, for 20 seconds, and look at the object at least 20 feet away (about 6m). You can look through the window or look around the room.

Another simple movement is to blink. Usually because the user is overly focused, he "forgets" to blink - a lubrication for the eyes, resulting in blurred vision, irritation, redness, and eye pain. Having trouble remembering to blink more often will help you get rid of these discomfort.

Using the blue light reduction application

There are several applications that can help you reduce the amount of harmful blue light emitted from electronic screens. Such as flux application already on Window, ios, android. You can also use Nightshift mode on Iphone.

Using a blue light filter

Those who regularly sit in front of the screen can use a blue light filter or blue light filter screen to filter out the amount of dangerous blue light. Children, especially, are at greatest risk of injury, so filters should be provided.

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