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The Global Vaccine Summit Against COVID-19 Will Take Place On June 4

In London, the UK-hosted online global vaccine summit will take place June 4. The meeting aims to ensure the world joins together to meet the resources needed for research and development of new vaccines, treatments and diagnostics for the world to overcome this pandemic. 

The UK is currently one of the largest donors in the world for COVID-19 pandemic response activities, with a pledge of up to 744 million pounds.

On April 24, British Foreign Minister Dominic Raab thanked the World Health Organization (WHO) and its Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus on Twitter for summoning the event. He said British Prime Minister Boris Johnson had asked Secretary of State Raab to WHO to affirm his full support of the British Government.

Foreign Minister Raab said that the current human threat facing the globe is COVID-19. On the one hand, Britain strives to address the effects of Corona virus in its country, on the other hand promotes global actions to promote development, and equitable access to vaccines to deal with COVID. -19.

Foreign Minister Raab added:

"The COVID-19 pandemic shows our world is united, the epidemic has no boundaries, so the only way is together, offering solutions, collective solution and we will be able to defeat this virus."

He hopes that the global COVID-19 response summit on May 4 could provide a global joint effort to combat the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The UK will host an online global vaccine summit on 4 June with the aim to ensure the world joins hands to meet the resources needed for vaccine research and development.

New, treatments and diagnostics for the world to overcome this pandemic. Among them, the UK has set aside £ 250 million to fund the Alliance for Pandemic Response Research Initiatives to rapidly develop the COVID-19 vaccine.

The British government has funded research programs at Oxford and Imperial College London to develop the vaccine, and has contributed £ 42.5 million to help with clinical evaluations.

On April 23, Oxford University began the first phase of the process of evaluating the effects of experimental vaccines on humans.

In addition, the UK will join the European Commission in organizing an online global COVID-19 pandemic summit on 4/5.

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