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The Mystery Behind The Masterpiece David Statue Of The Genius Michelangelo


How were the masterpieces of art "unprecedented" in the world born?

Art is the crystallization of the wisdom of human civilization, and in the course of our history, we can discover the origin of the highest art that is often related to belief. When one's feelings of affection with something are too strong, it will be through singing, painting, dancing to express them. In ancient times, humanity's respect and belief far surpassed all other emotions, so in the early stages of human art, we often saw depictions of Buddha Gods and the world. The Kingdom of God.

Join us in the long river of history, go to each region of the world to find out how the gods with infinite magical power have appeared miraculously in the world, the people. that simple, sincere ancient thing made a splendid moment of art and saved for posterity.

Magnificent annuals

More than three thousand years ago, an atmosphere of panic suddenly enveloped the Middle East. Saul (of the Benjamin tribe - the first Jewish king in 1026 BC) when leading the army to fight the Philistines, encountered Goliath, a philosopher of the Philistines during the long war between the two nations in the "Promised Land" around the 10th century BC.

The king of Israel is Saul who is weak when the opponent has Goliath, who has a great body and an extraordinary strength. No one had ever been worthy of being an enemy of Goliath. The two sides fought for forty days without conquering, when a young shepherd named David brought rice to his brother who was fighting and saw the situation so he asked to fight Goliath. David is a very brave guy, although everyone laughed, but he still believes that he can defeat the enemy. Seeing the small David, Goliath despised and laughed that he did not know how to take care of himself. The shepherd calmly told him, "God coexists with me."

David confronted Goliath with a crutch and a sharp pebble. Waiting for Goliath to charge, he shot a pebble at the top of his head. Goliath died and was decapitated by David by the sword he used to mince enemies in battle. The shepherd boy becomes a hero and later becomes the beloved King David of Israel.

"Human prodigy at"

Two thousand years after the death of King David, the Technical Supervision Department of Florence found a monolithic marble slab with an amazing texture texture. The marble was mined from the Fantiscritti quarry in Carrara and brought to Florence by boat in the 15th century. The 5.5m-long rock should be called a "giant."

At that time, there was a sculpture project to decorate the exterior of Santa Maria del Fiore church (now Florence church). In 1460 Agostino di Duccio and Antonio Rossellino made sculpting on the rock but failed. The stone was forgotten for a long time. In the early 16th century, the project was restored and delivered to Michelangelo. 

Michelangelo sculpted the statue of David from September 1501 to May 1504. The sculpture of David by multi-talented artist Michelangelo has captivated people for centuries. The David statue is considered one of the best sculptures of all time. It can be said that the statue converges all the most quintessential things of Renaissance art, which is a clear evidence for the talent and technology of the artist.

Since its first appearance in the 16th century, the statue has been recognized and appreciated by professionals. The famous painter, writer, and historian Giorgio Vasari once shared that "no work can match David, can achieve its perfect proportions and beauty".

The statue of David is 5m high and weighs more than 5 tons depicting the image of King David before he fought Goliath. Michelangelo used a classic posture called contrapposto to sculpt the statue. The image of young and smart David is shown through his realistic muscles and tendons. Intense eyes were clearly shown before the battle with Goliath.

When he started work, Michelangelo put a barrier around the statue to maintain high concentration and not to disturb anyone. The process of carving is harder than imagined, how to bring life to something so big and rough? Michelangelo recalls passages in the Bible describing King David. When the work was difficult, King David's confident words in fighting the enemy naturally came to mind: "God coexists with me."- King David

The gaze and firm expression gradually appeared under Michelangelo's strong hands. He was like seeing David while facing Goliath. He understood his faith with the Spirit of David from the bottom of his heart, and his openness without fear, hidden under delicate muscle lines. Michelangelo forgot to eat and sleep, hardly asking for any help, he was not sure if anyone else could understand the image of King David appearing in his head.

After two years, an unprecedented work of art was born. It is believed that this is the most beautiful of all past and future David statues. People originally planned to place it on the balcony of the church's porch, but then couldn't afford to put such a magnificent masterpiece upstairs and eventually the statue has been placed in front of Florence City Hall until now.

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