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The Reason Why Rolls-Royce Cars Are As Smooth As Flying Mats

Phantom, Ghost or Wraith all mean ghosts, but ghosts move without sound, in the way people define themselves.

In the Phantom "Phantom" cabin, the most noticeable noise was probably caused when the owners in the back seat touched a fine champagne glass marinated in a small refrigerator compartment, which was subtly placed behind the armrest. 

116 years ago, Charles Stewart Rolls and Henry Royce set out the motto for their car company: Make the best cars in the world regardless of price, and sell them to paying customers. in a fun way. 

The best car for customers who don't care about the price is also different from any regular car, because there are many intangible values ​​that cannot be quantified. On Phantom VIII generation, the self-balancing pneumatic suspension that the super-luxury firm called "the Magic Carpet Ride" turned the car like it was flying, not rolling.

Rolls-Royce is too outrageous when assigning the title "Flying magic carpet" to his pet? Because the aircraft also bumped up and down when flying into the turbulent air. A mechanical machine operating on four wheels is of course difficult to reach that level, but if you are traveling at 100 km / h and encounter an eel or a pothole, the Phantom will be difficult to wake its owner. . That's the difference. 

With ordinary cars, when faced with obstacles on the surface, the wheels will roll on them passively, then bounce off the shock absorber system that reacts to the body. Such intervention is too late. On the Rolls-Royce Phantom, the two cameras on the windshield will constantly scan the surface of the road ahead at speeds of up to 100 km / h to order the suspension to actively adapt to any situation.

Pneumatic dampers calculate the load pressure at four independent wheels every 2.5 milliseconds. At the same time, the central control unit records all input signals from sensors arranged throughout the body to determine the stiffness of the shock absorbers by increasing or decreasing the air pressure inside the air vents.

To further increase stability and eliminate gliding, top engineers use a new double-arm structure at the front axle and five rear axle links. All this smart suspension also has to be closely connected with the active anti-roll steering system and variable valve control. But for Rolls-Royce, that is not enough.

The Phantom even recognized the slightest movement inside the body. For example, when the passenger in the back seat moves from the left to the right, the corresponding airbag is immediately added pressure to ensure perfect balance and smoothness. 
Inside of Phantom Tranquillity
The intelligent air suspension addresses the vibrations from the road surface and other vibrations should also be kept to a minimum, especially from the engine compartment. What is a smooth engine? People often confuse vibration and noise to evaluate the engine. The sound of a 12-cylinder machine should not be compared to that of a 3.4-cylinder machine. To keep the car quiet, the engine must have less vibration.

Lexus used to do a famous test of putting cups filled with water on the cap and then rolling the wheel on the roller when launching the first generation LS to confirm how smooth the engine is. Recently President Akio Toyoda repeated the same thing to promote the LS500. With Rolls-Royce, people have a different way. Carwow editor Mat Watson in a video review of the VIII generation Phantom put a coin right on the lid of the V12 engine block, start the car and step on the accelerator pedal. The coin remains stable and does not fall down. That could be considered a partial answer for the definition of the best car.

To help wealthy customers completely separate from the outside world, Rolls-Royce adds Phantom no less than 130 kg of soundproofing materials reinforced throughout the body. Of course that also comes with a completely new chassis structure. 

Many rich people are passionate about special vehicles. If you just need speed, people look to super cars, but they are always noisy. If collected, they pay for classic cars. And if they want to feel attached to the back of the seat but still have to be absolutely silent, they can see their signature carved on the dashboard, they choose Rolls-Royce. 

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