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The Truth Behind Weight Gain At 30

You might have hopes of aging like fine wine, however the opposite is always the case. As it has been noticed by many, so many people tend to gain weight easily at the age of 30, although some persons tend to blame hormonal and lifestyle changes but this is not entirely true.

Sarcopenia is a muscle loss condition that has been reported to cause weight gain once one reaches age 30. Boston’s Medical Center director of the Nutrition and Weight Management Center, Dr. Caroline Apovian said that the amount of lean muscle mass in the body is the primary determinant of our metabolic rate, therefore the more muscle mass we occupy in our body the more calories we will burn.

He also added that this muscle mass might start to decline around the age of 30. He also noted that the Sarcopenia process accelerates at the age of 40. Although it has been revealed that Sarcopenia is inevitable it can still be prevented through vigorous exercise and good diet. 

The Dr. has also recommended that all who wants to prevent this Sarcopenia can do so by exercising at least twice a week, eat healthy proteins sources and get enough sleep as it helps the body to rebuild and repair muscles.

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