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The unexpected uses of the microwave, every housewife should know

lemon in microwave

Microwave has many useful uses, you will be surprised!

Reheat, thaw

This is the most common way used regularly by housewives. With dishes stored in the fridge, just a few seconds into the oven is ready for hot dishes. Thereby saving time, energy and keeping nutrients. Many types of furnaces have a defrosting mode by weight such as Sharp microwaves, which allows thawing of large amounts of meat and food.

Boil delicious fresh vegetables

The microwave will save a lot of time when boiling vegetables. Just pour water just over the surface of the vegetables and wait 1-3 minutes for regular vegetables, 5 minutes or more for hard tubers such as carrots, potatoes, you have finished delicious boiled dishes.

Peel the garlic superfast

Instead of meticulously peeling garlic cloves with a knife, you can place them in a microwave for about 10 seconds. The heat and steam emanating from the garlic make it easy for the skin to peel off.
The next is that you just need to peel off the garlic easily.

Cut onions without tearing

Anyone who chooses to cut onions will suffer from the onions that float to the eyes, leaving you unable to see. Now let's use the microwave to "treat" onions!
First, cut the two ends of the onion and peel off the outer skin. Then, you put onions in the rotary oven for 30 seconds and then remove the normal chopped. Onions will no longer be fear for your eyes!
Soften beans in just 10 minutes

If your recipes require the use of beans soaked overnight that you forget, take advantage of your microwave to "fight" the situation.
How to: Put the beans in a bowl with some baking soda (bought from a bakery shop, which can be safely added to food) and fill up with water. Turn on the microwave for 10 minutes and let it cool for 30-40 minutes. You can then use it immediately.

Boil delicious soft meat

Take advantage of the microwave to make delicious, soft, boiled meat in just a few minutes. You put the meat into a bowl with a steam cap and water to penetrate the meat, then set the time around 7-10 minutes to have boiled meat.
Delicious fish warehouse

With braised fish, you cut the fish into slices, spice them up, fill the fish with flooded water, put in a high-temperature microwave for 10 minutes, then reduce to 70% of the temperature for 5 minutes, reduce the number 50% for 8 minutes.
Take care not to allow water to overflow. In just 23 minutes, you have a very soft, rich fish stock instead of having to be on the gas stove for a long time to let the fish absorb.
Sterilize sponge

The sponge you usually clean kitchen utensils daily should be easy to get dirty and smell. Don't throw them away, soak in white vinegar or lemon juice and spin in the microwave for about 1 minute. This method will kill the bacteria and deodorize unpleasant odors attached to the sponge very quickly.
Some things to note when using a microwave

Do not use metal or plastic food utensils: Metal food containers often conduct heat and conduct electricity well. When you put it in the microwave, it becomes a transmission device, which poses a high risk of fire and explosion.
Regular cleaning: Regular cleaning is one of the most useful and useful ways to use a microwave oven. Heated food will accidentally stick to the inside of the oven, if not immediately cleaned food will cling to the oven, you will have trouble cleaning later.
Do not turn on the oven when there is no food inside: When the inside of the oven has no food that we accidentally turn on the starter, this time the oven will operate with high power, the emitted radiation will not be absorbed, will lead to the opposite reflection to cause explosion.

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