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The World’s Tiniest Couple And Love At First Sight

With a total height of two people is 180 cm, currently, Paulo and Katyucia hold the Guinness record of being the smallest couple on the planet. 

Paolo shared that the two people live in two different cities and know each other on social networks. Very quickly, he loved Katyucia at first sight. However, Katyucia said she blocked Paulo for 18 months because of his boring, flirty sentences. However, after that Paulo's sincere feelings conquered Katyucia's heart. Since then, both chat more often.

After their first meeting in 2008, they started dating and developing relationships for 8 years until 2016, when Paolo proposed to Katyucia in a restaurant, in front of friends. 

However, for Katyucia, this is still a big surprise. She even suspected her lover joking. But when she realized that Paulo was serious, she accepted his proposal.

Katyucia shared that they are just a normal couple, arguing and disagreeing like other couples. She admits her personality is complex, but Paolo is calm and understanding. Katyucia shared in an interview that the most important and the most important thing is that both have the same emotion, thoughts and dreams.

Paulo is currently a public servant for the local government, while Katyucia owns a salon owner.

Paulo and Katyucia hold the Guinness World Record for being the smallest couple on the planet when the total height of both is only 180 cm. Paulo is 90 cm tall and wife Katyucia is only 1 cm taller than her husband. 

Therefore, the appearance of both received a lot of positive and negative attention. However, the couple shared that their marriage gave them ultimate strength and their love was greater than any hatred.

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