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Thousands Of Americans Protest Against Lockdown Extension

 In protest at the order to prolong the blockade of the COVID-19 epidemic, thousands of people gathered in protest in the US states of Texas, Ohio and Maryland.    

On April 18th, residents of Maryland, Texas and Ohio took to the streets, protesting against strict blockade measures to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Earlier, on April 17, President Trump encouraged people to oppose this policy.
 In the Columbus capital, Ohio, hundreds of people also took part in demonstrations with the slogan "we are not sheep" to protest the length of the blockade.

Maryland protesters, meanwhile, marched in cars around the capital Annapolis and honked their horns, asking Governor Larry Hogan to reopen the state. 

"We ask Governor Larry Hoogan to immediately open the state business, education, and religious facilities."
 In Texas, hundreds of people staged protests at the state Senate headquarters, chanting the slogan "Dismiss Fauci". Mr. Anthony Fauci is the health official who heads the corona virus working group set up by the White House.

Earlier on April 15, people brought drag guns to the headquarters of the Senate building. A local resident said he was taking part in the protest to force the governor to "listen from both sides" in the debate over how long the blockade would be maintained.
 The protest organizers wrote in an online protest, arguing that the economic, social and educational disruption that the blockade brought would cause "greater damage" than the disease.

Many people refuse to wear masks despite recommendations from authorities.

"I see a lot of healthy Americans out there not afraid of this virus. If I want to go to a restaurant or gym, I won't wear a mask." 
Said Owen Shroyer, a member of the InfoWars group. 

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