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Top 4 Best Easter Films To Watch On Netflix

Its Easter Sunday and the whole wide world is spending the day indoors in different ways due to the lockdown in many countries. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that the Easter will not be celebrated at home, while watching or following the Easter services online you can also take a look at Netflix for some entertainment for the season.

Although Easter is not very well represented in films like Christmas movies, there are still some good Easter themed movies to celebrate the day.
Here is a list of 4 best films to watch for the next couple of days to celebrate the Easter season.

Peter Rabbit

This might not be an Easter movie but this is the season of bunnies and Eggs and watching a good movie about one is the best for the celebration.

Charlotte’s Web

This 2006 re-creation of the classic story about a girl, her pet piglet and the spider who helps to save his life is a very popular Easter film for many.

Rise Of The Guardians

This 2012 animated fantasy shows the Easter hero as he joins forces with Santa Claus, The Sandman, The Tooth Fairy and Jack Frost in an Avengers type of story for younger viewers.

Steel Magnolias

If you need and excuse to watch the classic chick flick with its celebrated cast which includes Sally Field, Olympia Dukakis, Julia Roberts and Dolly Parton now you have that excuse. Check out this Easter Egg hunt scene as it is still one of its highlights.

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